Alcohol consumption impairs night vision

Research that has been conducted by the University of Granada have scientifically prove that alcohol consumption significantly worse night vision.


The study, which was published in the Gazette Journal of Ophthalmology explains that alcohol reduces the optical image quality we perceive by the mere fact that it deteriorates the quality of the tear film covering the surface of the eye; this fact is that ingested ethanol alcohol reaches the tear and enhances evaporation of its water part. Thus, due to the rapid evaporation of the tear film, our image quality is impaired.

In reaching this conclusion, the research team in their study had a total of 67 participants for which BAC was measured using a breathalyzer after consuming different amounts of alcohol and perform some tests of visual performance under scotopic conditions or low light with a halometer. The test results proved unequivocally that alcohol increased the perception of these halos and other visual disturbances and thereby increased the deterioration of the optical quality of the perceived image. This deterioration was particularly marked in subjects who achieved an alcohol level above 0.25 mg / l, that is, the legal rate tolerated in Spain for driving.