New treatment for children with lazy eye

glasesA study proves that programmable electronic eyeglasses improve vision as well as the traditional treatment based on eye patch in children with lazy eye. This treatment has proven to be the first effective new treatment in 50 years publishing the results of their US trial at AAO 2015 (119th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology).

The lazy eye, called amblyopia, remains the most common cause of vision problems in children. Amblyopia is the result of improper development of one eye early in life causing poor vision, this can occur when one eye is more nearsighted than the other or when presented strabismus.

Children with amblyopia need treatment before 8 years old when his brain and eyes are still developing or, in the worst case, could lose vision in the non dominant eye.

This treatment is based on the use of electronic eyeglasses that provide correction and oclusión. Lenses with the proper prescription are installed in the glasses to correct visual defects and, through the use of LCDs (liquid crystal display), the lens can be turn opaque occluding either eye at programmable intervals eliminating the need to use other treatments.