About us

EYES's CENTRE OF A CORUÑA was born in January of 2002 as result of the previous collaboration and consultations between its current directors, Dr. Carlos Mendez Vazquez and Dr. Jose Saavedra Antonio Pazos. After studying the situation of ophthalmology services in A Coruna, they saw a void that needed to be filled, especially in regard to collaborative groups of this specialty.

Teamwork allows us to, not only cover a broad daily schedule (8:30 am to 8:30 pm), but also to develop different subspecialties, cover ophthalmological emergencies and perform a wide range of last generation diagnostic tests and treatments.

Currently 8 ophthalmologists, 10 auxiliar workers, 1 anesthetist, 3 optometrists, and 3 administrative workers provide the best service for your visual health.

Our numbers speak for themselves: more than 100,000 patients since 2002 , 10,000 new patients each year, 36,000 annual reviews and more than 2,500 surgeries and laser procedures are the guarantee that we offer in each of the medical acts performed.

We hope our experience , professionalism and technology will be of help for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.